Google Hangouts

Peter Millikin at has started to use the Google + Hangouts for question and answer sessions, interviews and general LIVE ‘chit chat’ sessions. You can either take part or watch live!

The first thing I will do is host a few light hearted chats with some industry leaders. These Hangouts will be recorded and posted on my blog, Google +, and You Tube account. Feel free to watch them in your own time if you miss the original Hangout. However, if you want to ask my guest or guests a question, hop on the Hangout with us LIVE and ask away!

When host a LIVE Google + Hangout I will tweet a message from our What Stationers Twitter account so be sure to add us at @whatstationers so you don’t miss one! Add Peter Millikin from What Stationers to your Google + circles

I believe that Google + Hangouts  are a fantastic way for businesses to meet all kind of interesting people, and more importantly get  noticed, and have a little fun on the way.  If you are interested in finding out more about hosting a LIVE Hangout with me personally, then drop me a message using our contact form

I’m excited about doing this in the very near future, and look forward to seeing you in a Google + Hangout soon!

Google + Hangout – Take your business to the next level