4 Tips For Your Office Supplies Ecommerce Website

Posted on May 31 2013 - 12:35am by Peter Millikin

Businessman using mobile phone You have to attract new customers to keep your business sustainable. But you need loyal customers as well, ones who continue to buy from you and recommend you to others.

Here are four ways you can both keep old customers and snag new ones.

Newsletter Subscription

The days of mass emails to random addresses are gone. Instead, you are now able to focus your email marketing efforts on people who actually care about your products.

On your site, you need to have the option for your customers to:

  • Sign up for an e-newsletter
  • An add in so they can be sent notifications regarding sales, deals and other special promotions that are only available to subscribers.

Once you have their email address, you have their permission to email them your newsletter or whatever you promised them on your site. Do not abuse this privilege, however. If your subscribers are suddenly bombarded with ten emails a day, they will quickly unsubscribe.

Create and send newsletters that are “useful, informative or even have a humorous element“. Give your subscribers something that is truly exclusive, such as free delivery, 20% off or other deals. Send discount codes or other incentives every time they place an order.

Social Media

You almost can’t survive without social media in today’s increasingly virtual world. This is how your customers are connecting to each other and to the businesses they care about. To ignore this trend or decide you don’t need to use social media can be a disastrous decision on your part. You don’t have to spread yourself thin with all of the outlets available. Choose a couple and use them as a way to once again provide useful, informative value to your customers.

One outlet that is really gaining ground is YouTube. Customers tend to like visuals and YouTube attracts millions of visitors each month. In fact, this is one social media outlet you want to put on the top of your list.

Sales and Discounts

Everyone loves a sale. Use the above mentioned ways to share news of special sales and discounts to your existing customers. You can also use sales and discounts to draw in new customers too. Make sure the deal is a good value for both you and your customer and never promise something you can’t deliver.

Customer Appreciation Card

These are called by various names but it’s basically a card that your customer can get filled through purchasing products from you. For instance, you can mark off a box for each £20 spent. When the card is filled, it gives the customer a special offer, such as a free item or a deep discount on any item they want. Have a virtual card on your website that is automatically updated each time they make a purchase.

Customers are like the old saying about friends: “Make new ones but treat the old ones like gold”. You need both to succeed in a business!

Use these tips to strengthen your existing client relationships and form new ones full of promise.

What are your thoughts about “4 Tips For You Office Supplies Ecommerce Website ” What tips do you have that work?

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