Must-Have Accessories for Your Office

Posted on Dec 4 2014 - 7:29pm by Peter Millikin

While furniture is obviously an important part of your office, it’s easy to get caught up in the big picture stuff and forget about the little things – which can really shape the workplace environment. It’s no use having a nice desk if there’s nothing on it, or no way of lighting it.

Employees and visitors alike will appreciate a more filled-out office. Certain items can make the place seem more homely and warm. Here, we have compiled a list of accessories that you should consider buying for your office.

Rubbish/Recycling Bins

While maybe not the most attractive of items, bins are essential to dispose of any waste you’re likely to have. There needs to be a number of them placed around the building to make things as convenient as possible, and they should be emptied daily.

Ideally, you should also get a recycling system on the go. Separate rubbish into different categories (such as plastics, paper, cans and general), and make it as easy as possible for employees to follow the procedures. To make these bins look nicer, consider colour coordinating each one, so red will always be for paper and blue for plastics, for example.


A well-lit area instantly look more desirable than one that sits in the dark. Obviously, each room should and will have ceiling lights for you to flick on and off – but there will be parts of the room this won’t reach – and this is where lamps come in. Stick one in the corner or on a table and see how it improves the overall look of the room.

Desk lamps are particularly good, as they not only provide a source of light, but they can themselves look attractive. Planscape has a variety of top quality and good looking lamps for you to browse at your leisure.

Art Work

Talking of brightening up the place, nothing will do that more than a few colourful pieces of art hung up on the walls. Corporate art is typical in most offices around the UK, as it’s a relatively cheap way of adding some culture to the workplace. It doesn’t have to be an original Picasso, something simple will normally work well.

Make sure to choose something interesting and that people will like. Maybe ask the opinion of your employees, and find out what they would like to see when they walk in every day. The last thing you want is something completely unappealing to the majority of passers-by.

Desk Accessories

This is where, as the employer, or the individual responsible for the layout of the office, you have little control. Each person will want to decorate their own desk with accessories they feel best suit their needs and reflect their personalities.

Pictures of family, a favourite coffee mug and other personal items are likely to be there, as well as more practical things such as pen holders and paper trays. Allow them to be flexible with what they want and they’ll surely appreciate it.


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