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We would like users to take part in commenting on the Whatstationers blog posts, we do have the right to refuse remarks. Users must use their real name or a user name to contribute in the blog comments. Users must also refrain from inappropriate language, personal attacks, or sharing of any confidential or false information.

How to Comment

A user may fill out their comments under the post, your website details are and not guaranteed to be uploaded with your comment, and comments are to be relevant to the article/post please.

About The Blog

The intention of the What Stationers Blog is to provide information for discussion and research. We welcome your feedback whenever possible, articles and comments. What Stationers reserves the copyright and shall have the sole discretion to delete, edit any contribution that we consider inappropriate, inaccurate, illegal, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property or other rights, injurious, objectionable, or otherwise in violation of the terms mentioned below, which may be modified from time to time.

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Disclosure Policy

We may accept forms of sponsorship which include paid insertions and other forms of compensation (affiliate adverts) The blog posts are mainly written and edited by myself and third party authors. An monies received will never control the content, topics or posts made in this blog and we have the right to refuse content we feel doesn’t match the sites ethics. All advertising is in the form of advertisements generated by a third party company, agent or ad network. What Stationers has the right to remove paid content at anytime.


In no event shall What Stationers be liable for any special, supplementary, indirect or consequential damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of information posted on the What Stationers blog or other material copied from the Blog.

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No confidential information held by any author of any posting will be placed on the blog other than user name and details you submitted. Do not post or otherwise use confidential information of any kind on this site and always be aware the Internet can hide someone true identity and intentions, we recommend you always research any third party links.