Cheap Ink Cartridges – The Small Ink Cartridges STING!

Posted on Sep 9 2013 - 10:53am by Peter Millikin

Cutting costsAnd they say size doesn’t matter, it does when it comes down to cost! Printers have come down in price and so has the amount of ink supplied in the cartridges. This is to make you think the printer is cheap to run.

Many manufactures are supplying what looks like great deals on ink cartridges (5ml) they are only a few pounds, but as one reader said to me, they bought a printer which is an all in print/scanner/copier all for less than £25.00, but when it came to replacing the ink cartridge the “sting” became apparent.

HP sell a really good printer for next to nothing but offer a very small 5ml cartridges for it – You’d probably fit more ink in fountain pen!

There are larger compatible cartridges that are defiantly worth looking in to. You can’t tell the difference in quality, and the reviews have and are very positive.

Most people search the internet for the cheapest priced printers – My advice is search for the cheapest inks and then source the printer last.

Remember the key point:

  • Check the amount of ink being supplied before you buy a printer.

We wrote a useful article which explains the different types of inks available:

  • Original
  • Compatible
  • Re-manufactured
  • Refilled

Click The Link Below:

Dispelling Myths Regarding Original, Compatible, Re-manufactured and Refilled Ink Cartridges

There are many office supplies companies that offer refills, recycled and compatible inks, take the time to hunt them out.

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  • Have you tried compatible, re-manufactured or refilled ink cartridges?
  • Did you research the cost of inks before buying the printer?
  • Have you worked out if it would be cheaper to swap printers in your office?
  • How many ink cartridges do you use a month?
  • Do you buy your ink from a specialist or your office supplies company?

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