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Posted on Oct 7 2013 - 3:23pm by Peter Millikin

How Many Spare Desks In Your Office?

Hot DeskingDo you have spare desks in your office that nobody uses anymore? If so, could your company rent them out?

These days it’s quite possible for employees to use a computer in their own home to keep in touch with their employer who may be in an office many miles away so businesses are renting out the spare desk spaces.

Employers who encourage their staff to work from home are often able to reduce their overheads, and employees, especially those with families, typically enjoy more flexibility and a better work/life balance.

Unnecessary, tedious and expensive travel can become a thing of the past, helping the environment through reduced CO2 emissions. You look at everything else within your office to be “GREEN” so this is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Companies which offer employees the choice of working from home are likely to be more successful in recruiting the people they need to make their business a success and may be able to attract the staff they want at a lower rate of pay than would be the case if those same people were faced with heavy travelling costs in order to get to the workplace.

In addition, desk space in the office which is no longer needed can be rented out through a “rent a desk scheme” bringing in valuable extra income and keeping the office looking full and busy when clients visit! The freelance professionals who often choose to rent desk space might even have specialised knowledge that could be useful to the business owner.  Once relationships have been built up this knowledge might be offered free, perhaps over lunch or during coffee breaks.

If you are thinking of starting a business or working from home you will obviously want to keep your costs as low as possible.

Here are five useful desk space solution resources:

Office Genie – Office genie offer various office rental solutions. These included shared offices, serviced offices, etc. The website is very easy to use with a great search facility.

Gumtree Desk Space – Gumtree may be a great solution locally for you and you’ll often see companies advertising office space or just a desk. London is always a very popular area you’ll see desk space for rent so you can sometimes pick up a flexible rental space bargain.

ShareMyOffice – Sharemyoffice offer shared office space and hot desking for individuals. Perhaps your the business owner looking to rent some space? Start recouping the lost money from the spare desk space in your office.

DeskCamping – The DeskCamping website offers various desking opportunities for the business individual. They have a section for Desk for Rent and also people offering FREE desk space.

Rentadesk – Rentadesk creates and offers energetic work spaces in the most beautiful and central city locations. This is great for other like minded business owners looking for the next step in moving away from the home office.

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  • Have you thought about renting out deskspace in your business?
  • Do your staff have to work in the office or could you get some extra income?
  • Have you looked at the saving of staff working from home?
  • Would your rent a desk space?
  • Have you used a desk renting service before?

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