Looking For A Clean Office And A Clean Conscience

Posted on Mar 7 2013 - 3:58pm by Peter Millikin

Racheal Hughes

I take a huge interest in my Twitter followers so when I spotted this selfless tweet from @RedIncBrighton suggesting that I include the Green Mop company in my line up of great companies on the blog I started doing my research.

red inc

Adam Huttly MD at Red-Inc said he’s interested in “all things green” and is totally committed to business ethics, and was his main reason for following Green Mop on Twitter. So if you’re a business owner or are looking for a clean office and a clean conscience then read a little more about the Green Mop further down the page.

I read a while ago that there has been a rise in awareness of “random acts of kindness” but lets talk about that part….HERE

“Green and ethical values, strict cleaning standards, budget-friendly pricing”

Green Mop

Green Mop is the first commercial eco-friendly cleaning services company in Brighton. Green Mop is an industry acclaimed company. The company was the 2008 recipient of the Sussex Eco Awards ‘ The Green Business Award, the 2011 recipient of Brighton and Hove’s Chamber of Commerce’s Shooting Star Award and the 2012 winner of the Hove Business Association At Your Service Awards’ Best Eco Business. Green Mop has health and safety, cleaning industry and environmental accreditations. The company is certainly leaving an industry footprint while reducing Brighton’s carbon footprint.


In 2007, Racheal Hughes, the founder and director of Green Mop, wanted to work for herself. Racheal spent nearly two decades as a freelance Information Technology (IT) analyst, and she wanted a local business where she would continue to be her own boss. She coupled her passion for the environment with a need that she observed – there were no cleaning service companies using safe and eco-friendly products. Racheal cleaned up the messy environmental best practices that were the cleaning industry norm when she created Green Mop.


The green cleaning company takes care of the planet and its customers. Green Mop prides itself on its green and ethical values, strict cleaning standards, budget-friendly pricing and wonderful customer service. Green Mop is an ethical company with a conscience. You will get a high quality cleaning service without having to pay more.

Green Mop has the capacity to work in an array of environments. Green Mop works in offices, common ways, shop fronts, commercial areas and washrooms. The company has the tools, resources and environmental know-how to ensure that your space is clean without being toxic to the environment.

While many people would love to go greener, common misconceptions are holding them back. Good people are held back because they think that going green is too expensive, they are overwhelmed with information or they don’t feel like they have time. Green Mop is not just about doing the job and getting the green. Green Mop also offers advice and trainings that can empower your team to go green. An experienced Green Mop staff member will come into your office and guide your team with environmental educational, practical resources and support. After the training, Green Mop will also give your company a Green Credential that you can show off.

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