Great brand awareness through personalised stationery

Posted on May 19 2011 - 4:01pm by Peter Millikin

Your brand identity strategy should include the personalisation of your office supplies and other promotional materials. This is concept many businesses are overlooking; yet it is one of the simplest ways to help you promote your brand whilst standing out amongst competitors.

A brilliant logo that represents who you are and what you do, will leave an indelible image upon your customers.  This should be a cornerstone of your brand awareness strategy!

This is an essential, cost effective marketing method for any business. Your corporate logo imprinted on note pads, folders, business cards and portfolios gives your business an impressive, memorable edge and a unique, tangible identity. Your logo can be just about anything, but it must be easily identifiable and any text must be in an easy to read font. Not only is it cost effective but will contribute to a better more equipped working environment for your staff, all the while impressing current and perspective clients. It can also help build esprit de corps amongst the in house staffers. Who would not be proud to work for a company with such a striking logo?

When visiting an exhibition or taking part in one, personalised office supplies can make your face to face sales and advertising campaigns more professional. What a great way to reinforce who you are and what you do as a company, especially if potential clients and customers are walking away with an item branded with your company’s name. Many different items can be personalised, from pens and mouse pads to USB drives and photo calendars.

With the help of the internet, personalised stationary is at an arm’s reach. There are many custom print houses that are champing at the bit to create exactly what you desire. With modern printing advancements and computer based image processing, the finished results will rival that of those massed produced by all of the titans in your field. That is what this is all about, taking your company and giving your clients and potential customers the impression that you are on even footing with the giants of industry.

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