Top 5 Benefits of Corporate Merchandise

Posted on Aug 25 2012 - 9:25am by Peter Millikin

Every business owner knows that there are two important factors to keeping their business afloat. They must form relationships with their customers, and they must keep their expenses at a minimum. If either of these two factors is neglected, the chances are that the business will not succeed.

Providing corporate merchandise is a great way to cover both of these factors and generate overall goodwill in both current and future customers. Corporate merchandise is also known as promotional merchandise. It is simply free items that you give to your customers that show your brand name and any other information you want them to remember. It can be as simple as a pen, or as fun as a game.

If you are unsure if you want to use these products to promote your business, consider these top five benefits of corporate merchandise:

1. Brand Recognition

This is the most important aspect of giving away corporate merchandise. If you choose an item that is useful to the customer, they will use it often. Every time they use your item, they will be reminded of your company. The merchandise they are using may also help other people become aware of your brand name. For instance, if you have given away T-shirts with your brand name on it, even the people that see the T-shirt will remember your company name.

Today’s business world is highly competitive, and study after study has shown that the more people see a brand name, the more likely they are to purchase that brand or from that company. So the more your company name is out and about, the more likely you will see increased sales volume.

Remember that many studies have shown that a potential customer must see your name or message seven times before they take action. The chances of them hearing your radio commercial seven times is slimmer than them using the pen you gave them seven times. Many businesses, both small and large, have reported an increase in sales after implementing this marketing strategy.

2. Low Cost of Advertising

All business owners understand the importance of keeping costs down. Corporate merchandise is actually a much cheaper alternative to other forms of advertising. Even cheap items such as pens and key rings make a positive impact on customers. You cannot underestimate the importance of your customers and potential customers seeing your name time and again, even if it’s just on the pen they use to balance their checkbook.

TV, radio and billboard advertisements have shown to be effective, but these forms of advertising are expensive. Many small businesses cannot afford to advertise this way. Giving out corporate merchandise is a more affordable option with great results.

3. Increases Customer Loyalty

When you give someone a no-strings attached gift, they will feel warmer towards you. A customer who has received a coffee mug or umbrella from you will feel a certain loyalty towards you and will be more likely to purchase from your company in the future. If they are satisfied with your products and services, they will also recommend them to their friends. Even if they haven’t outright recommended you yet, the corporate merchandise that they use on a daily basis is a non-spoken recommendation that their friends and family are sure to pick up on.

4. Earn A Reputation as Generous

In the cut throat world of business, not many businesses are seen as generous. Customers tend to have a preconceived idea that every business owner cares about profits and profits only. There are certainly ways of combating these notions, such as excellent customer service, but by giving away corporate merchandise, you are really selling yourself as a generous person. Any business owner who is willing to give away free gifts will be seen in a better light than their competition that never gives anything away.

5. People Love Free Stuff, Therefore They Will Love You

No matter what it is, every single person loves to get something for free. You may be passing out corporate merchandise at a trade show or community event, or you may hold some kind of drawing for a bigger gift, such as a carrier bag. Either way, people will love receiving something for nothing and will look upon your company more favorably.

These are the top five benefits of using corporate merchandise, but there are many others. For an affordable way to earn brand recognition and inspire customer loyalty, there is really no way you can go wrong by speaking with the Red-Inc promotional merchandise team.

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