How To Find Content For Your Next Blog Post

Posted on May 10 2013 - 8:37am by Peter Millikin


It’s a given that unique, interesting and compelling content will drive readers to your site or blog. But how do you continue to come up with this content?

With the increased focus on written content, it may feel like everything has already been written. Here are some ways to utilise the resources you already have to create content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Talking to your friends and family

No matter what your friends do for a job, they are a wealth of untapped information that is easily accessible. Ask them what he or she did that day. Who did they talk to? What subjects were discussed? Did they read anything interesting? While you might think such conversations about daily activities are mundane, this is far from the truth. In most cases your friends or work colleagues have called, texted, emailed or otherwise connected to others at some point during the day. They may have read the newspaper, a magazine, a blog post or other source of information. Make a point of asking some of them each day what they have talked about, thought about and read about. This has the added benefit of strengthening your friendship.

Listen to your children

Adults tend to dismiss what their children are saying when they are occupied with something else. Shut down your laptop or put your phone on silent and listen to your kids. They have many experiences during the day that you can also learn from and use in your content. Perhaps they are learning about ergonomics in school and have a printout to show you. Use this information to write your next post on the best type of office chairs to buy.


Great writers read a lot. This fact is not disputed. It doesn’t really matter what you read, as long as you are reading. To keep your content original and fresh, read a variety of mediums. Read on topics that interest you and also about topics that aren’t that interesting. You may think an article is dull, but later remember an interesting fact or statistic from it that can give you the direction for your next post.

Have some downtime

We do our best thinking when we are away from other people and distractions. Make a point to take a 15 minute walk at least once a day. Let your mind clear from all the stresses of work, family and your social life. This habit will have numerous benefits for you. In regards to content, however, this method of emptying your brain and getting some exercise will help spark the creativity that lies within. You will find yourself suddenly thinking of a new spin on an old subject that will be perfect for your blog.

Instead of struggling to come up with original content, look around. Listen to others. Keep your mind open for any sign of a new topic or a new angle on an old topic. By using the resources that you already have, you will keep the cost of running your business down as well as creating unique, original content.

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