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Posted on Mar 3 2010 - 9:45pm by Peter Millikin

Want to know how you can advertise your products and services massively? This article will definitely make you understand one of the most powerful social networking websites fully equipped to help you make new business contacts. It is especially designed for the marketers and professionals to help create and establish networks primarily for business reasons.

One major reason why professionals are hooked on LinkedIn is because it is much more professionally focused than other sites.

In some traditional businesses, the usual way of advertising like posting ads on TV, sampling, brochures etc is enough, but the impact of “word of mouth advertising” is able to add revenue and traffic to almost all types off businesses. Now that the technology has boomed worldwide, you can get many more potential business partners and even employees.

Why LinkedIn?

1. Offers a wide selection of features for the entrepreneur
2. Have access to industry experts in different fields
3. Can reach your most targeted market or audience
4. It has the ability to build great connections
5. It can help you let the world know that your business is plugged in to current technology
For a better understanding of why LinkedIn, try to do your own study of the in’s and out’s of social marketing and compare it with other social networks. There are free trainings available online. After that, you can start your journey as you go ahead and register to LinkedIn.

Here are the few steps of how you can do that:

1. Register an account
2. Upload contacts
3. Create a profile
4. Make recommendations

Now that you have an account on LinkedIn, make sure that you complete your profile and make sure that your contacts understand your business well. Your business success will definitely be dictated by the way you create your profile and how you let people in the network get to know you and your business. You can also start to join different groups; this will definitely expand your connections.

The connections you build with your contacts will eventually be noticed by the people they know and that’s Network Marketing Tools LINKEDIN Another important feature of LinkedIn that you can use to maximize it is by always updating your status, like how your Yahoo Messenger or GTalk works, you can use it to let your connections know how you are doing and you can even post blogs, promotions and some articles. This way you can increase your leads because of your company’s constant visibility and also your products and services.
Remember to take advantage of your resources, be watchful of how your connections move inside the social network, in that manner you will be able to determine your market better and continuously add effort to advance your products and services compared to your competitors.

Connecting using LinkedIn can be an excellent way of winning this competition. You can start by logging in now and you’ll definitely be able to make great business contacts by using LinkedIn as a Network Marketing Tool.

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