Is your office supplies company really that competitive?

Posted on Nov 11 2010 - 12:16pm by Peter Millikin

If you’re a large user of office supplies then you will be met with hundreds of companies willing to negotiate hard on price to win your business.

In the 90’s the pricing matrix for supplying stationery was a lot simpler than methods used today, but then the savings achieved were nowhere near as high as they are in 2013!

Back in the 80 and 90’s if you wanted to save money on office supplies you negotiated a percentage off the dealer catalogue and that was about it. There was no monitoring or computer software involved in getting you a better deal.

Today’s computers and software programs enable suppliers to provide customers with detailed reports on their monthly purchasing habits, which can help buyers see where they might be able to make bigger savings in the future. This data also provides the dealer with information on how much it costs to run the stationery account.

The saving the supplier might be able to make could be on simple things like product replacements, swapping branded for non-branded office supplies. This should save your company money too! This will only be the case if the office supplies dealer passes on the savings to you and doesn’t just keep the savings to himself to bump up his own profits.

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