Office Supplies in Brighton – Red-Inc are more than just office supplies.

Posted on Feb 22 2011 - 1:47pm by Peter Millikin

Red-Inc are a progressive company that looks far deeper into your company than you might think necessary for “just an office supplier”.

Why? Because we believe that if they work as a partnership with you, Red-Inc can save you more money. How? By looking at the bigger picture and by using our expertise to help you in the area we know and understand well.

Red-Inc sell far more than paper, pens and desk top stationery to our clients in Brighton in East Sussex. They offer this and a handful of associated services to clients throughout the whole of the UK. We have available to them a whole range of products that most organisations use, from paper and pens right through to janitorial, catering, furniture,  print and promotional items, to name but a few.

So can we buck the trend of “not wanting to put all your eggs in one basket”? We believe so. Being a service driven organisation, we are efficient, and want to help you become efficient. You can single source from Red-Inc, reducing the need for so many vendors and reduce administration cost throughout your own business. You can consolidate your deliveries that perhaps once you received every day from different suppliers.

Red-Inc is a lean concept business formed to supply and service clients . Additionally we reward our clients with even more value added free services, like a free recycling programme to take away paper, toners, cardboard and other such waste products. How much are you spending with your recycling provider at present, and isn’t it just another vendor to deal with?

Naturally we take the view that the more you spend, the better it is for us, and therefore the cost to serve and the margin expectations can be greatly reduced. This leaves you with peace of mind and some spare change!

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