‘Point of Use’ Water coolers save money

Posted on Jun 17 2010 - 2:05pm by Peter Millikin

What is Point of Use?

Point of Use water coolers are “mains- fed, coolers” providing a constant source of fresh, filtered, chilled water.  These are suitable for any environment.  Most people are familiar with the traditional bottle fed water coolers, but here at aqualeader we believe that Point of Use offers far better value for your business.  Here’s why:

Save Money all year round

Point of Use water coolers can save a business in excess of 50% on their current water bills.  As well as this saving you will receive one monthly invoice for the agreed amount.  These simple, all inclusive invoices, means you will not have to check against deposits for bottles orb additional costs for servicing.  The fixed monthly cost includes all year round servicing and any call out maintenance.  Furthermore we do not charge for installation (when rented).

Never run out of water again

This summer is forecast by the Met Office to be the hottest year on record, globally, meaning that you will certainly be drinking more water during these months.  With our fixed monthly cost your bill will stay the same no matter how much water you use during the heat wave. Furthermore, you will never run out water and you will not have to wait for any more bottle deliveries!

Eliminate Health and Safety liabilities

A common cause of injury in the workplace is manual / heavy lifting .All bottled water comes in 19litre bottles, which the HSE now recognises, is over the recommended limit for one person to lift safely.  Additionally, empty or full water bottles become a hazard if tripped over by staff or members, or if blocking emergency exits or walkways.  The coolers have no bottles so you will not have to worry about any of the above concerns.

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