Should You Buy or Lease a Photocopier?

Posted on Sep 7 2012 - 11:46pm by Peter Millikin

A smaller business has different needs than a larger business, but there are very few businesses out there today that can survive without a photocopier.

Leasing photocopiers is very popular in the UK, but how do you decide if leasing is the right solution for your company? Answer these questions to decide.

1. How Many Pages Do You Print Or Copy Per Month?

If you will be printing or copying less than seven hundred copies a month, it may not pay for you to lease a business size photocopier. A small desk-sized printer can probably service your business just fine, and these are very affordable without leasing.
If you expect to make more than seven hundred printed pages a month, you should consider leasing a larger sized printer. Today’s photocopiers come with many different options, so you can choose the options that are relevant to your business.

2. What Does Your Budget Look Like?

Large office supplies such as photocopiers are very expensive. Most small businesses do not have the money in their budget to outright purchase these products, which is one of the reasons they decide to lease. Leasing a photocopier gives the business the option of being able to afford the best photocopier they can find with small monthly payments.

3. How Do Your Taxes Look?

Another reason so many businesses lease is because of the tax benefits. If you purchase a photocopier outright, you can claim forty per cent of the purchase price on your next year’s taxes. The following years, you may claim twenty-five per cent of the outstanding balance. However, if you are leasing the photocopier, you can claim your monthly lease payment as an expense. This leads to a better tax break for most businesses.

4. Do You Wish To Keep Up With Current Technology?

One of the biggest problems with a small business buying office products is their budget. If they buy a photocopier one year but then it becomes obsolete within the next two years, they may not have the money to purchase another one. By leasing a photocopier, you can keep up with the ever-changing demands of technology. Even if your lease is for five years, you can exchange your photocopier during that time for a newer model.

5. Do You Know How To Service Your Own Electronics?

Companies that lease office products often include service with the lease arrangement. This can save you time, money and frustration. Unless you or someone in your office is a whiz at fixing electronic equipment, you need a service plan for your photocopier.

By answering these questions, you should be able to determine if it is best for you to buy or lease a photocopier for your office. Be aware that some contracts can be written in a confusing manner. Make sure you understand everything your monthly payment pays for and which things may be added on as extras.

Does your office buy or lease their photocopiers or buy them?

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