Replacing your printer cartridges doesn’t need to be a financial headache

Posted on Nov 4 2011 - 8:20pm by Peter Millikin

Fed up with constantly having to order cartridges for your printer? Struggling to stretch budgets to meet the costs of printing? With the Pound struggling against the Euro, prices for toners and ink cartridges have gone through the roof. Here’s a few suggestions to help you keep your spend under control.

Firstly, let’s get the obvious one out of the way – print less! We all know that a 100% paperless environment is nigh on impossible for the majority of businesses but focusing on creating a “less paper environment” can have significant impacts on both ink and paper usage. Double-sided printing is a simple solution. Also consider educating staff to only print the pages they need from a document or email. Willy-nilly use of the Print button will inevitably churn out pages of documents destined straight for the bin (or hopefully the recycling bin!).

Take a look at the technology you’re using. Have your printers got a Toner Save button? Clicking this on whilst printing out internal documents that don’t need to be high quality will drastically reduce the amount of toner used. And whilst you’re at it, ask yourself whether you need to print in colour when black and white will be perfectly adequate.

So that’s the more obvious out of the way, how about the not so obvious? Did you know that a large number of both inkjet cartridges and laser toners have what are known as high capacity versions? No? Well they do and they’ll save you a small fortune! For example, certain HP high capacity inkjet cartridges will give you double the page life (number of pages you can print from one cartridge) for only a third more expenditure over the standard capacity.

Why not ask your supplier if they’ll offer a discount for bulk buy or payment on delivery. Most dealers will state that margins on printer supplies are very tight but will still be in a position to offer extra discount for larger orders and they’re never going to say no to super prompt payment!

And finally… some still shudder at the thought of them but the current breed of compatibles are taking the market by storm and shrugging off the tag of unreliable machine breakers. Take for example the Perfect Green range, the manufacturers provide a three year performance warranty and will repair or replace your machine if their cartridge causes a breakdown. Couple that with at least 25% savings over genuine product and you’re onto a winner!

Replacing your printer cartridges doesn’t need to be a financial headache. Take control of your ink and toner costs and you’ll soon see the savings!

With thanks to for the article. Why not ask them for a quote the next time you need to order some ink or toner for your printer?

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