Steps to prevent the spread of flu in your office

Posted on Sep 21 2012 - 9:41pm by Peter Millikin

Swine Flu

Hundreds of UK citizens have fallen ill from the flu.

It is imperative that both employers and employees in the UK take care to not spread this illness to others. There are certain steps that both employers and employees can take to prevent the spread of flu.

For employers

Educate your employees about the flu, including how to prevent getting it and how to prevent spreading it.

Offer a free flu vaccine for interested employees, and encourage everyone to take part.

Maintain a strict hygiene policy that includes washing your hands or using hand sanitiser after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose.

Do not require your employees to come into work if they are feeling ill. Find other solutions for them if they have swine flu but want to work. For example, try to find projects they can work on at home.

Have a plan in place for what to do when an employee is diagnosed with swine flu. A proper plan can go a long way to keeping order during a bout of illness.

For employees

Know the symptoms and risks of flu and how to prevent spreading it.

Get vaccinated

Absolutely do not go into work if you think you have symptoms of the flu. It is not worth it to infect other people in the workplace.

Avoid friends or relatives that have been diagnosed with flu until they have recovered.

Wash your hands frequently.

Work with your employer to find alternative ways you can keep working if you have been diagnosed with the flu but feel well enough to work.
The flu must be taken seriously here in the UK to prevent another pandemic. We have a habit of dragging ourselves to work no matter how we feel, but this must stop. It is irresponsible to infect people with this potentially fatal disease. It is also irresponsible for an employer to insist on their employees returning to work before they have recovered.

By working together, both employers and employees can form a plan to combat a resurgence of flu.

Speak to you office supplies company about the various products available to help reduce the spread of flu. Many will be able to provide surface disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, tissues and even face masks!

What are your plans to reduce the flu virus in your office this year? Do you have any good product suggestions? Please comment below!

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