Tips for improving your landing page

Posted on Sep 20 2012 - 10:42am by Peter Millikin

A landing page is the page that your website’s visitors come to after clicking on a link. The link could be from an ad, a blog post, a social media site or an article you have written.

Let’s say you have written a post on how to find re-manufactured ink cartridges. At the end of the post, you include a hyperlink to your site that sells cartridges. When a visitor clicks this link they will be brought to your landing page.

A landing page is your visitors’ first impression of your website. Here are four tips to help you improve your landing page and convert more of your visitors into leads and sales.

Know your audience

You must have a target audience before you can effectively build landing pages and websites. If your website sells office supplies, your landing page should be interesting and informative to someone who is looking for office supplies. If the reader clicks your link about ink cartridges and is directed to a page on printers, they will be very disappointed and will probably click away.

It is absolutely essential that you understand who your audience is and plan your landing pages accordingly. Each page should have a specific audience so you can tailor your articles to the needs of each reader.

Capture their attention

Once you have a visitor on your landing page, you need them to stay. Pictures and videos are popular tools used to capture your audience’s attention.

Take the video below, this is a brilliant example of a video that captures your audiences attention and also leads to being passed on to someone else via social media popularity. Thumbs up for SAM and

Other ways may include a banner ad of a current sale or a promotion that you are running.

Internet users have short attention spans, so it is very important to capture their attention right away. Then you must use every tool available to keep their attention.

Keep your page updated

Fresh content, modern styles and colours that complement each other are important on a landing page. You do not want visitors thinking that your page is outdated. An old website looks tired, and visitors may also then question the security of such a site.

Don’t forget the call to action

Website visitors must be told what is expected of them. You may have a modern looking website with fresh content and a great opening video, but what do you want your visitors to do?

Whatever it is that you want your readers to do, you must tell them. The call to action is a specific action you wish your readers to take. Tell them exactly what to do and give them a compelling reason to do it.

Follow these tips to improve your landing pages or to create new ones. Think of a landing page that you were impressed with and try to emulate this in your own pages. We hope you see a rise in your sales after implementing these techniques. Good luck!

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