Do you qualify for the uniform tax rebate?

Posted on Sep 11 2012 - 10:06pm by Peter Millikin

Many workers in the UK are unaware of an important tax rebate they can claim. This is called the Uniform Tax Rebate. Its purpose is to provide tax relief to employees that are required to wear a uniform or company branded clothing to work.

To understand if you are eligible for this refund, first answer the following questions:

Are you required to wear some type of uniform or protective clothing to work? This includes clothing branded by the company or sporting the company’s logo.
Are you fully responsible for the cost of washing the clothing?
Are you required to pay income tax on your wages?

If you have answered yes to these three questions, you are eligible for the tax rebate.

By visiting the Uniform Tax Rebate website, you can quickly find out if you are eligible and how much money you can expect to receive.

The Uniform Tax Rebate also provides tax relief in the following areas:

Police Officers
If you have any Police Federation Subscriptions, you can enter a claim.
Cabin Crew
If you have had to purchase certain visas and vaccinations during the course of your travels, you are eligible for a rebate.
SIA Registered Employee
If you uphold a Security Industry Authority licence, you can receive a rebate on your licence and Criminal Records Bureau checks you have performed.

The process to file a claim is easy to do on the UTR website. Simply fill in your details, sign and complete the forms, and send them off. You should hear from them within twelve weeks after submitting your claim.

The claims average between £60 and £165, so it is well worth a few minutes of your time to fill out the simple form online. Your employer may already be filing these claims in your behalf, but attempting to file again will not be seen as fraud. You will receive a notice that your employer already files for this relief!

If you have any other questions about the Uniform Tax Rebate, or wish to fill out the forms and receive your rebate, visit their website here.

Even if you are not eligible to claim then why not click the social media buttons and help someone read about this that might be able to claim.

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