Consolidating Office Supplies Purchases

Posted on Feb 10 2010 - 10:13am by Peter Millikin

When times are hard many businesses will be looking to make savings in order to ensure their survival. Buying all your office supplies from one source can help your company to reduce costs, cut down on paper-work and save valuable time.

The more of your office needs that are met by the same supplier, the easier it will be to negotiate worthwhile discounts. Less administration will be needed for sending out invoices and record keeping so staff can do other things with their time? Example – Look around our website for other tips to save your company time and money!

If your company has branches in different locations buying their office supplies from a variety of sources, it makes sense for your head office to introduce a system whereby all branches buy from the same supplier. Increasing your overall purchasing power in this way could save you considerable sums through worthwhile discounts.

You have only to look at the way householders have managed to reduce their utility bills, consolidating for instance their supply of gas and electricity to see that sizeable discount.

Some businesses may be a little cautious about putting all their eggs into one basket in this way, but many of those which have tried it are now convinced of its benefits.

Very little time is involved in making such changes and the effort put into carrying them out pays for itself many times over. Alternatively you could employ cost consultants to do the work for you but they charge a fee which is usually a percentage of the saving they make for you.

In the present tough economic environment achieving such savings could be essential to the financial well-being of your company.

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