Corporate Mobile Recycling – Do You Have Old Phones No Longer Used

Posted on Feb 15 2010 - 5:09pm by Peter Millikin

While I was visiting a client last week I was shocked to see a bundle of mobile phones in a drawer when he opened it to pass me a business card. I asked him why he didn’t recycle some of them. To which he replied “I should really!” I offered to do a little exercise and noted down the models of the phones and went on to

I use them for getting the best price for my own used mobile phones.

If the client had recycled all these old mobile phones I calculated he would have netted his company around £400.00 and been able to make better use of his drawer space!

How to make some much needed cash?

If you are a business owner the chances are you provide some of your staff with a mobile phone too, especially if you have a team of sales personnel out and about during the day. The mobile phone has become an essential part of a sales kit as it allows the business owner and customers to contact a member of staff 24/7. However if your company has downsized and made redundancies, you may have been left with a number of phones you no longer need. Why not recycle them and bring in some much needed extra cash?

Many organisations are now turning to sites like which promote recycling and offer cash rewards for it. Perhaps when you receive your payment you could use the money to support a charity or use the payment towards something useful for your business. With technology changing from week to week it makes sense to sell your old phones before they become out of date.

Mobile recycling comparison – Gets you the best available offer

Amongst the mobile phone recycling companies featured at Sell My Mobile you can expect to see top named recyclers that allow you to sell mobile phone handsets with them, Fonebank, Mazuma Mobile, Envirophone, Mobile Phone Exchange, Mopay, Boots, Greentec, Sell Old Mobile, Cash In My Fone, Earth Mobile, Love 2 Recycle, Money 4 UR Mobile. is an independent and impartial mobile phone recycling comparison site you can trust, and is now the UK’s #1

When you enter the make and model of the mobile phone you want to recycle the information is put in to a database that gets you the best price available. It’s by far the easiest site I have used and its software is updated daily.

If I can help people save I can help suppliers grow. Please share it with your friends and followers by using the social buttons!

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