How to Choose the Right Envelopes for Your Business

Posted on Sep 19 2011 - 10:53am by Peter Millikin

The success of a business largely depends on the image of that business. First impressions can go a long ways in generating revenue and being successful.

While people make a great first impression, often times, people are not the first contact prospective clients have with your company. Many times, the first contact consumers have with your company will be in a piece of paper.

This is why quality matters, and if you are looking for envelopes for your business, it is critical that you purchase business envelopes that will make an incredible first impression upon your clients.

In order to select the right envelope to ship in, you must consider all the different components of these packets. Before someone even touches your shipment, they will see it. This means that the size and colour will be the most important factors. Colour can be used to make your letter or packet stand out to the client. It will draw them in and place it above all other mail they have. It is such a simple thing to make your shipment stand out. Size is another consideration that accomplishes this. Size must compliment the design of the packet as well as function with the inside contents, but it will also make your information standout above others.

Once those considerations are met, you must consider weight and quality. You surely would not print important documents on light gram paper, just as you would want important messages to be on heavier weight paper. The same can be applied to your mailer. Your envelope quality and weight should reflect the message inside.

Lastly, the design of your mailer will be critical. You may be mailing many different types of things to many different people. Therefore, you will want a supplier that offers countless types of packages for your message. Having a broad range of considerations will help out tremendously. You will want to consider what graphics will be placed on the outside and any decorative art that may be added to it. You may want it plain or you may want special designs, it all depends on what image you want to display. Adding pockets or windows to your mailer will also assist others in finding it the way you want them to experience their first impression with your company.

All of these are very necessary when choosing something small but as very important as it will represent your organization for a long time. One last thing to keep in mind when considering buying business envelopes is that the supplier and store can make all the difference. Finding a reputable supplier with integrity will assist in getting the best possible quality, price and support in all future needs that you may have for this critical business need.

With thanks to Ace-Envelopes for the article. Ace – Envelopes are a supplier of over 700 types of plain envelopes, bespoke custom made envelopes, business envelopes and printed envelopes. To view the view range of their business envelopes please visit – and check them out!

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