National Work From Home Day

Posted on May 10 2011 - 7:00pm by Peter Millikin

Would you give your employees the choice to work from home?

Working from an office building can become monotonous after a while. You get up, get ready, eat breakfast, then head off to the office where you do the same work, use the same office stationery and see the same co-workers day in day out. Although there may be comfort in the routine, it may become boring and tedious after a while for some.

May is National Work From Home Day where companies allow their employees to work from home rather than come into the office. But there has been a degree of opposition from some companies and regions. Although it could be a gamble, there are several benefits from companies at least giving National Work From Home Day a try.

One benefit from employees working from home is that it frees them from the office which may enhance their productivity. Since employees are in a different environment, they may gain different perspectives, ways of working and may bring these new innovative ideas to the company.

Saving money is another asset of working at home. A great deal of money can be saved from office supplies, office stationery, car parking space, office rent and more if employees are working from home. Working from home not only saves the company money, but the employee money as well. Money can even be saved on petrol, bus and train fares!

The more people working from home the less congested morning and evening traffic is. This is excellent for the environment and great for reducing employee stress from spending hours in trickling traffic. Employees then take that stress with them into the office which can stunt their work performance and morale. This can be especially frustrating when they have to endure the same conditions five days in a row both to and from work.

National Work From Home Day has the possibility to open businesses to an entirely new way of operation and employees to a new way of working. Stay at home parents and people with disabilities now have the chance to get back into the workforce without having to make sacrifices if they have the opportunity to work from home.

Companies that are on the fence about National Work From Home Day should try it at least once. After all, it’s just for one day. The gains have the potential to far outweigh the losses.

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