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Posted on Feb 9 2013 - 9:44pm by Peter Millikin

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Without an ecommerce site in today’s world, you are losing valuable customers every day. Many consumers want the option to quickly click and buy what they need. Choosing the correct software to help you with all aspects of an ecommerce site can be overwhelming. Here are the top four ecommerce companies in the UK. We believe that choosing software from any of these companies will be beneficial to your office supplies company. (In no particular order)

ECi Software Solutions

ECi Software

Ecommerce is easy with products from a company like ECi. The ECi business systems offer complete cash to order management. From Internet purchasing to back office automation, ECi has every type of software you need to take your office supply company to the next level of ecommerce.

ECi has been in business for over thirty years and does over £1 billion year in transactions. They work with wholesalers, distributors, buying groups and dealers from all over the UK. Generic software cannot offer all of the options that ECi offers, such as:

  • Customisable pricing
  • Electronic purchasing
  • Content and product offers directly from suppliers
  • Mobility solutions and fleet logistics for all your delivery management needs

You may recognise some of ECi’s products, as over 450 dealers throughout the UK use its software. Vision, Progress, Horizon and NGV are all created and sold through ECi. These programmes have helped thousands of businesses manage their business easily and more efficiently.

ProLink Web, Orderpoint, Horizon Web and EasyOrder are ECi’s ecommerce solutions for larger corporations. These systems are fully integrated with over 40 different ERP integrations.

In addition to all of the software and ecommerce solutions provided by ECi, it also has business intelligence software, managed print services and delivery management. All of these systems work together to give you the newest technologies and software needed to run your business. If your office supply business is not already dealing in ecommerce, check out ECi’s solutions to get your ecommerce store up and running.

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Prima Software

Prima Software

Prima’s slogan is ‘Clever Cloud Computing’ and this phrase rings true for this innovative company. It offers three types of solutions, specifically geared towards the office supply industry.  Prima Back Office, Prima Webstore and Prima Mobile Web ‘M-Store’ will have your office completely organised in no time.

The Prima Back Office has everything you need if you are in the office supply industry. This software includes:

  • Automatic emailing of invoices
  • Ability to email quotes to potential buyers, with images
  • Multi-level reporting
  • Management of contracts
  • Information to help you make smarter buying decisions
  • Integrates fully with Sage Line 50 accounts

The Prima Webstore helps you set up your very own ecommerce site.Some features of the web store include:

  • Contract pricing
  • Customer order pads
  • Restricted cost centres
  • Featured products
  • Related items
  • Budgets
  • Full purchasing authorisation hierarchy

All of these functions are shown in real time, so you never have to wait for anything new to upload.

The Prima M-Store is a fully integrated mobile site that is compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

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Evolution Software

Evolution Software

Evolution Software is aimed at the office supplies industry and wants to provide a beautiful ecommerce experience to its customers.

Evolution claims that by using its software, you will increase your profits and retain your customers. They offer a live demo right on their website to take you through the basic steps of setting up the software. Also browse their blog for the news and articles pertaining to ecommerce.

Unique factors of Evolution include:

  • Comprehensive on-site training programme
  • Business to business solutions, such as:
  • Multiple users
  • Ability to manage hierarchy
  • Authorisation and approval
  • Contract list lock in
  • Budget manager
  • Help increasing your sales through codes, coupons and more
  • An open system, allowing other systems to integrate with Evolution
  • Customised templates and content management tools help you with SEO, PPC and PCE
  • Managed updates, freeing up your valuable time
  • Clean, uncluttered interface
  • Pre-loaded with supplier catalogues

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Axis First

Axisfirst Software

Axis First offers all types of business software, including a variety of products for ecommerce. The axis vMerchant is perfect for use in both the B2B and B2C areas. Check out a demonstrative video for more information on the vMerchant system.

If you are currently using an ecommerce programme that you do not want to change, consider the axis diplomat for OP. This can be configured to almost any system and will give you the full benefits of the programme. You will need to contact Axis First to ensure that this process will work with your site, though.

The AXEOS is specifically for office product suppliers. This system provides an electronic office systems database, price feed updates and access to the latest printer compatibility database. There are hundreds of printers and ink systems available in today’s market. Having access to a database where you can determine which systems are compatible at a glance is an invaluable resource.

The price feed available through AXEOS is another tool you will soon find you cannot live without. It provides pricing information that can be run on demand or updated at predetermined intervals. You can see at a glance what your competitors are charging so you can better negotiate with your suppliers and your customers.

Axis First can provide you with all the tools you need to run a fully automated service. Since 1980, 50 of its employees have been working for the company. They were the first company to write an accounting programme for multiple users, rolling out this software in 1981. You can count on Axis First to always be at the forefront of the office supplies software industry.

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For more information on any of these companies or for specific price quotes, please follow the links provided.

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