Tips For Buying Office Furniture

Posted on Sep 13 2012 - 7:53am by Peter Millikin

An uncomfortable employee will probably not want to stay employed for long. So follow these tips for finding the best deals in both price and comfort for your office furniture.

Comfort First

The typical office employee sits on a chair for the majority of their work day. So find office chairs that have full support for the back and neck as well as the arms and legs. The chairs should be fully adjustable. Do not sacrifice comfort for price in this area. Check out an office supplies dealer, as they will have many more choices for you to browse.

The height of your desks and the type of keyboards you choose are also important considerations for comfort.


What happens if you realise later on that you need two more filing cabinets but have nowhere to put them? Carefully consider what you will be storing in the office and how much space these storage units will take up. Look at combination desk and storage units for the best deals.


Make sure you have measured the spaces where you intend to put your furniture. Your employees should not have to squeeze around each other to get to their desks. If you have a small office to work in, look for desks that offer unique storage, as mentioned above. This can maximize the use of a small space.


A small office space that is crammed with boring looking furniture is not going to motivate anyone. A space that is filled with windows and light, is decorated nicely, and utilises modern furniture will lead to more productive employees. While comfort and quality are the first considerations of office furniture, do consider the design of these pieces as well. Go ahead and buy that bright red chair!


You know the environmental laws in the UK, but overseas dealers may not have to abide by the same regulations. Ensure that the dealers you are working with have ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation before you make a purchase. Additional accreditations are great, too. We all have to take steps to protect our planet.


Many dealers offer reduced prices on refurbished furniture that is just as good as new. Many times, a dealer can completely refurbish a piece so that it looks brand new, but you can buy it for less than the new price. This is a great way to save on the cost of your office furniture.

These tips will help you create the best office for your employees for maximum output and productivity.

Do you like the office space you work in? What do you feel your employer could do to make it more appealing to you and your office mates? Please leave a comment and share this article with your friends and followers by using the social buttons!

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