Bisley Office Furniture is a well know brand for filling solutions

Posted on Mar 4 2010 - 10:58am by Peter Millikin

Bisley are an established British manufacturer of steel storage products for the office and home environment. They operate from Bisley in Surrey and also Newport in South Wales.

They have a large portfolio of dealers that will help you with any product purchases and you can search directly on the website for a supplier local to you.
Bisley design director John Fogarty shares his expertise regarding workplace storage
It is all about alliteration. Not only are there Seven Secrets for Successful Storage, but it is also vital to remember that Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*ss-Poor Performance, otherwise known as the Seven Ps rule.

Storage has come a long way since the coffee-and-cream filing cabinets of the 1970s, which were usually the filing cabinet of choice for people wearing flares or Farah Fawcett haircuts.

At Bisley, we are involved in creating storage solutions that cater for changing needs in the workplace. It is not just about off-the-shelf products but also bespoke designs for specific requirements.

Think beyond paper and files

Perhaps the paperless office is a utopian pipe dream, but that does not mean that workplace storage should focus solely on paper and filing or even their high-tech counterparts such as DVDs. With the boundaries between work and personal lives becoming increasingly blurred, it is vital to provide space for “lifestyle” storage. Think of mobile workers armed with laptops and smartphones, or employees who cycle to work and require space for helmets and Lycra shorts. Biselys new Bite trolley caters precisely for this shift in emphasis, with its space for personal effects and integrated wipe-clean board for personalisation.

Do not consider storage as a bolt-on

Storage should be thought of as an integral part to any interiors scheme. It can be colourful, not just grey, adding a whole new dimension to the office environment. At the BBCs Pacific Quay Glasgow base, brightly-coloured Bisley cabinets provide blocks of warm colour, part of a colour scheme developed by artist Toby Paterson working with interior designer Graven Images, aimed at creating a lively and creative workspace.

Use storage to define space

Vast open plan workspaces do not necessarily require screens or walls to break them into bite-sized chunks. Banks of storage units can be an efficient way to carve up space into defined areas, perhaps for team-based working. It can provide a sense of personal space without resorting to a clutter of freestanding screens, and can further support teamwork by integrating elements such as writing slopes and top-mounted rails to carry artwork and dry-wipe boards, as at the Canary Wharf offices of law firm Clifford Chance.

Treat storage as a “live” issue

Ongoing management of storage is vital for a successful workspace. It is not just about supplying lots of cabinets and shelves and leaving employees to get on with it. Effective storage needs to be managed and monitored on a frequent basis, and reconfigured or used in a different way if necessary.

Think laterally

Recognise that storage units aren’t just places to store things. They can promote communication and team working. Fitted with power-provided work surfaces, storage clusters are transformed into highly-effective touchdown points for meetings or private working. This can even extend to leisure applications, such as table football.

Manage change

Bad habits die hard. If you want a new storage regime to work, then do not simply impose it on users. Involve them in the design/specification process to get “buy in”, explain how it works and provide suitable training. Otherwise that sparkling new rolling rack storage will remain empty while the piles of paper next to desks grow ever taller. If there is the budget, it might also be worthwhile to employ an independent specialist to conduct a storage audit and make recommendations.

Be flexible

Do your homework: Is the storage you are providing suitable for only one task or application? Can it be easily reconfigured to adjust to changing work patterns or staffing? Bisley LateralFiles come in 11 heights and five widths, all with 38mm incremental piercing to accommodate a host of different closure and internal fit-out options.

Bisley Office Furniture Limited / F.C. Brown (Steel Equipment) Limited are full members of The Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP), which was attained on 4th June 2008. The FISP programme was developed by an industry-wide working group chaired by FIRA and is supported by all of the furniture industry’s main trade associations and The Government’s Envirowise programme. FISP is also recognised by both the DTI and DEFRA

Registered Office Details: Queens Road, Bisley, Woking, Surrey GU24 9BJ
Tel. +44(0)1483 485600
Fax. +44(0)1483489962

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