Business Application Software Developers Association

Businesses that sell office supplies generally sell everything from paper clips to office chairs. However, some suppliers choose to specialise in a certain area. If software is a big part of what you sell through your company, you should be aware of the Business Application Software Developers’ Association (BASDA).

BASDA is a non-profit organisation run by its members. Member benefits include sharing knowledge with others in the field and learning from the experts in the software industry. In addition, BASDA is influential on many governmental boards.

The organisations they work with include:

• Confederation of British Industry
• British Computer Society
• Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
• Bank of England
• British Standards Institute
• Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds

While BASDA is based in the UK, they have many members from all over the world. In fact, BASDA has been officially recognised as the worldwide voice of the business software application industry.

BASDA is recognised by the following groups:

• European Commission
• UK Government
• United Nations

BASDA currently provides advice to the government on major eGovernment projects and helps members and customers to comply with any new requirements.

BASDA represents nearly one hundred business application software suppliers and their partners around the world. Becoming a member of BASDA earns you the right to be listed on their website, as well as have a voice in voting for changes in the industry.

There are two different types of membership available to the BASDA. A full membership is available for developers of business software or other organisations in a special interest group.

An associate membership is available for those companies who are in the business software industry but may not be concerned with application development. There are still a wide variety of benefits available to associates, even though they cannot vote at the BASDA meetings.

Membership fees to the BASDA are based on the member’s annual revenues. There are numerous tiers of fees. Check the BASDA website for more information on the fee structure.

Belonging to an international organisation that is as influential as BASDA is definitely something you want to consider if you are in the software industry. BASDA has the power to change legislation, so if you want your voice heard, you should join this group.

Contact the “Business Application Software Developers Association” directly on 01494 868030 or visit their website: