What if you could join a dealer group that provides you with deep discounts on the products you need, expert marketing advice, extensive networking and a one-time fee for joining as a Level 1 member?

You may think this is one of those offers that sounds too good to be true. Rest assured, there is a group that exists that meets all of these qualifications. They are called Officepoint and have been in business since 1994.

Today, Officepoint has over 300 members and is the largest customer of Spicers. Spicers is Europe’s largest wholesaler and a major name in the office supplies industry. How do you think your business will be positively impacted by being a member of the largest customer of Spicers? Unbeatable prices are the first thing that comes to mind.

Officepoint has more than £300 million of turnover per annum, giving them unbelievable buying and negotiating power in today’s market. In fact, they have over 20,000 products available that are sold at 50-70 percent off every single day. Great prices are good for business, but Officepoint offers more than just great prices.

Look at these other benefits of becoming a member of this contemporary group:

  • Professional, personalised marketing solutions such as brochures, catalogues and mailers
  • Excellent e-commerce and e-procurement systems, through their sister company, Clic2
  • Every product available for next day delivery
  • Service levels for first time deliveries are typically 99 percent
  • Several options available for net terms of purchases
  • Electronic office supplies available through ISA International
  • Abundant networking opportunities
  • Online forum for more industry related discussion
  • Personalised Business Development Manager to help you use ideas that have worked effectively for other members

All of these benefits are available to Level 1 members for a one-time fee of £400. Level 1 members do not have to pay an additional membership fee, so why not try out Officepoint and see if it is a good fit for you?

There are annual membership fees for Level 2 and 3, but there are also more benefits available at those levels. Officepoint also does not retain rebates. Instead, they return them to the group member that paid them. A Level 3 member will also receive a £100 discount on a hotel at the annual conference.

For more information about Officepoint and the varying levels of membership, please call 01784 466744 or visit their website below: