The BOSS Federation

Have you been looking for the next step forward for your business? If you are involved in any of the office supply related industries, you have probably heard of the BOSS Federation. BOSS stands for British Office Supplies and Services. They are a non-profit organisation that promotes, protects and supports the office products industry. Their members range from stationary suppliers to dealers and manufacturers.

BOSS provides a wide range of initiatives to its members, including cost saving benefits and services. They do not pursue political or economic objectives of their own. They exist solely to help businesses in the office supplies and service industry to cut costs and succeed in their business.

There are three different levels of BOSS membership, which are briefly outlined below.


This is the most comprehensive level of membership that BOSS offers. There are numerous benefits of becoming a Platinum member that will help you in every aspect of your business. Platinum members also have access to on-site support from BOSS’s regional business advisers.


This is the entry level of membership for most members. Independent dealers, retailers, wholesalers, buying or dealer groups, contract stationers, manufacturers, service providers and suppliers are all eligible for a Gold membership. In addition, dealers who are currently Silver members can upgrade to Gold.


Silver membership is only available to members of a buying or dealer group. The benefits of a Silver membership will help you save time and money.

BOSS also offers an associate membership for individuals who are a part of the office supplies industry but do not wish to be a full member of the federation.

While the benefits of a BOSS membership do vary depending on the level of membership, there are some benefits that apply to all members.

These include member discounts on the following:

  • Private healthcare with the Private Healthcare Partnerships
  • BOSS Insurance
  • BOSS financial alliance, including Red Flag credit monitoring, tax and VAT advice
  • RAC Fleet breakdown cover

BOSS is truly the leader in trade associations for the office supplies industry. If you have never belonged to a trade association or dealer group, becoming a member of the BOSS Federation is a great way to start out.

For more information on the federation and joining BOSS, contact 01676 526 033 or visit their website below: