The Superstat Group

If increasing your sales is your priority, you should consider joining the Superstat group. Superstat’s number one objective is dealer growth and they have created innovative ways of helping you achieve the growth you want.

A unique aspect of Superstat is the variety of online options they offer. There are three different ways to set up an online store. They also offer unlimited telephone support for all their online programmes.

Office Products Online (OPO)

This entry level online ordering system is perfect for dealers who are looking for an online place to sell their products for low cost and little difficulty. Your OPO template will be branded with your own store logo and details. You will have the availability to set up each customer with an individual account. Prices will be updated weekly and all maintenance of the site is done by Superstat.

Orderstore and Orderzone

Orderstore is coded for Spicer products and Orderzone is coded for VOW products. These sites are one step up from OPO. The key difference is that these sites have been Google optimised. They also have different payment options available, such as PayPal, Sage Pay and World Pay. You can even place your own products on the site.

Corporate Website

This website is designed to let your customers know about your business but does not have an online shopping cart. This is a good choice for dealers who want to give their customers more detail about their products and keep them up to date with the latest industry news.

These sites are also branded with your own logo and details. You can update the information easily yourself, eliminating the need to pay someone else to add content to your site.

Supermarket Online

Supermarket Online is an innovative idea that really sets Superstat apart from other dealer groups. Everyone wants to know how to get their websites to the top pages on Google, and Supermarket Online can help you do that. The online market is hard to compete in because of the growing number of businesses clamouring for online sales.

Supermarket Online is basically one general office supplies site in addition to certain niche sites. Most online dealers have to deal with sub-par delivery companies or shoddy customer service. With Supermarket Online, Superstat handles the ecommerce and SEO and you handle distributing within your area.

For more information and to apply to be a part of this innovative group then contact “The Superstat Group” directly on 0113 391 1100 or visit their website to learn more.