Integra Office Solutions

As a supplier of office related products, you already understand the unique challenges of this industry. Online and offline competition is fierce, and small business owners can struggle to have their voices heard amid all the clamour.

Integra Office Solutions is a leading group in the office and supplies industry and can help you remain at the forefront of your competitors, as well as increase your profits.

If you have been considering joining an organisation that will help you with your business goals, consider Integra. Their combined membership revenue is over £650 million per annum. That’s a lot of buying power!

Integra offers you expert advice in every area of your business, from sales to IT to training support.

They will be involved in the daily running of your business and they have customer service representatives available to help you with any questions.

Benefits of becoming a member of Integra Office Solutions include:

  • Being a member of a larger group, while remaining an independent business owner
  • A personal business development manager
  • Collective buying power of £450m
  • Unique marketing programmes

Integra also recognises the importance of preserving our environment. They have implemented their own unique environmental management programme, focusing on minimising waste and efficiently using our natural resources.

Integra has agreements with over 100 direct manufacturers for the best prices on everything. If you manufacture office supplies, you should seriously consider joining their group. They evaluate their suppliers in many ways. One way is the supplier’s sense of social responsibility in the way they do business. In this way, they encourage companies to be conscious of their social obligations.

Members can access quality products at competitive prices. If you join as a supplier, you will be advertising to Integra’s hundreds of clients. It can truly boost your business to the next level.

When you consider the future of your business, you know that you need help and support to ensure business growth. Integra Office Solutions will help and support you in all of your business endeavours.

For more information and to apply to be a part of this innovative group then contact “Integra Office Solutions” directly on 01633 653000 or visit their website to learn more.