Spicers Synergy

Anyone in the office supplies industry is more than likely familiar with Spicers, one of the UK’s leading distributors of office products. Spicers supports office supply dealers and re-sellers throughout the UK and Ireland. Chances are high that you already belong to Spicers as a dealer of office supplies. Now you should consider the increased benefits of becoming a part of Spicers Synergy.

Spicers Synergy was developed for Spicers’ most loyal and innovative customers. It is a marketing and business development programme that offers unique marketing solutions, extensive networking opportunities and various consultancy services.

Becoming a Synergy dealer is ideal for your business if you are:

  • A loyal Spicers customer already
  • Progressive and growth oriented in your business
  • An independent dealer that desires to be a part of a bigger network
  • A dealer that wants to use the combined strength of many dealers to move forward

In order to become a Synergy dealer, you must meet these criteria:

  • Spend a minimum of £5,000 per month with Spicers
  • Ninety percent or more of your wholesale spending is with Spicers
  • Independent, not members of any other dealer or buying groups except for Office Star

Synergy members are all credit rated and may have to submit management accounts confidentially to their finance department.

Spicers Synergy does not replace any Spicers benefits that you are already enjoying with them. Synergy dealers simply enjoy more benefits than the average Spicers customer.

Some of the many benefits of a Synergy membership include:

  • A Gold membership to the BOSS Federation
  • Preferential pricing on popular products
  • Extensive networking opportunities, including Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Exclusive Business Development Fund (if you meet certain criteria)
  • Spicers Asset Shop for logos, PDFs and more
  • Access to Blue Sheep Business Data
  • Smart Buys mailer (four editions a year)
  • Other exclusive promotions for Synergy dealers

There are different levels of membership available to become a Spicers Synergy dealer. If you are a Spicers dealer already, this is truly the next step up for your business. To find out more information on becoming a member and specific benefits, please visit their website by clicking the link below: