The Nemo Group

As a supplier, you have probably looked around for a dealer group to join. Perhaps you have been disappointed in how they were structured or felt that the membership fees were too high. Perhaps the fees were reasonable but as a new member you had little say in what went on at the meetings.

If you are tired of being disappointed with the buying groups you have researched, it’s time to try the Nemo group. The Nemo group has been around for twenty five years and it is a group that is completely owned by and run by its members. Each member has an equal share in the group no matter when they joined. So if you join today, you will have equal footing with the first member that joined twenty five years ago.

Nemo’s goal is to provide all of its members with the purchasing power of a large corporation.They also provide their members with various marketing tools.

Benefits of becoming a Nemo member include:

  • Being a co-operative dealer group means that all rebates and retros collected are returned within seven days of collection. There are no beneficial shareholders.
  • All surplus generated by the group is returned to its members at the end of the year.
  • Four meetings each year and an annual conference ensure that you keep up with news in the industry, as well as being able to network with other dealers.
  • Unique marketing material will be at your fingertips.
  • You have an equal vote in all decisions made by the group.
  • You can choose your preferred wholesaler. Many dealer groups force you to choose a wholesaler from their list but not the NEMO group.

There are over fifty independent members that offer a variety of office products to other dealers. You can purchase your products cheaper through the NEMO members or become an official NEMO supplier yourself.

Nemo is known as the UK’s premier buying group because of its member base and relationships with Spicers and Vow. Nemo members have access to the best prices and widest variety of products in the industry.

Membership fees to the Nemo group depend on the size of your business. For example, if your turnover per annum is at least £36,000, you can choose the Evolve membership. This costs £75 per quarter.

To find out more about the “The Nemo Group” contact them directly on 01827 721100 or visit their website: