The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Marketing is essential for any business owner. Unfortunately, many business owners do not know the best ways to market their products. An ineffective marketing campaign is just the same as no marketing campaign at all.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has 100 years of experience to bring you the best in the marketing world. No matter where you are or where you want to be, the CIM can help you make the most out of any marketing plan. Members of CIM share knowledge of the marketing world with each other and connect you to other people in the industry who can provide practical advice.

Member benefits include the following:

  • Receive the Cutting Edge and the Marketer, two publications that will keep you up to date with marketing news and articles from around the globe
  • Access to vast online marketing resources, including an extensive knowledge base and various published research papers
  • Buy business and marketing books directly from CIM
  • Online events such as webinars
  • An online toolkit called Marketing Expert that will help with all your marketing needs
  • Information hotline for all your marketing questions
  • Free professional and personal legal advice
  • Discounts on training courses
  • Reduced rates on professional liability insurance
  • Be a part of the consultant’s directory, where you can advertise your business
  • Discounts on entrance fees to Market Interest Group events

In addition, CIM offers professional and career development support to help you grow in your business.

There are different grades of membership available, depending on where you are in your career. Your experience and qualifications combined determine which grade you are eligible for. You can apply for membership upgrades as you progress in your career.

Membership fees vary depending on your membership grade. Click here to see the fees.

If you can’t market your business or products effectively, your competitors will continue to win.

Becoming a member of a group such as the CIM will give you the boost you need to see your sales begin to rise.

Contact the “The Chartered Institute of Marketing” directly on 01628 427120 or visit their website to learn more.