The Association For British Furniture Manufacturers

Joining a trade association such as the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) can truly take your business to the next level. By becoming a member or associate member of the BFM, you will enjoy increased exposure to your brand, as well as extended help and support from other suppliers and industry experts.

The BFM allows any organisation that deals in furniture to apply as an associate member. Associates receive unique benefits and are given preference for referrals when a customer is seeking a supplier.

Benefits include:

A Web Page on the BFM Website

This page includes text and pictures of your products so clients seeking a supplier can tell right away if they are interested in doing business with you. There is a link to your actual website on the page. Potential clients and members of the BFM have access to this page.

Use of the BFM Logo

You will be allowed to use the BFM logo wherever you want. This includes letterheads, in your actual store and on your website. This tells everyone that you are a part of a very influential organisation that has been around for over sixty years.

Access to Price Data

As a member of the BFM, you can access all price data that is available to furniture manufacturers and any other type of price information stored in the BFM database. This can be a huge asset when deciding how to price your furniture.

Other Trade Data

The State of Trade Survey that is published three times a year is exclusive to the BFM. They have also accumulated other official data related to sales and production of furniture. The BFM also tracks prices of over 150 commodities and other types of purchases. All of this information is available to their members.

Interiors UK Trade Show

The NEC in Birmingham hosts the furniture manufacturers’ trade show in January every year. You will receive a five percent discount and other benefits as an associate member.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits available to members that cannot all be listed here, including insurance discounts and telephone support.

For an annual fee of £450, you will receive all the benefits listed here and more as a member of the BFM. Belonging to a trade association with the history and benefits of the BFM will be a definite plus for your business.

Contact the “The Association of British Furniture Manufacturers” directly on 01494 523021 or visit their website to learn more.