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Many businesses that work within a certain catchment area are now shifting from advertising with local papers and directories and choosing to put their budget with more proactive campaigns. There are also many FREE ways of getting business by using the Internet and social media.

With a blog like I am able to put forward ideas which I then turn in to readable editorials. This can gain a broader audience faster and a more immediate response to the services and messages you offer.

Another more long term strategy is to introduce blog on your own website which I can help you get right. This will give you an even higher chance of gaining those all important recommendations and place your own website higher in search engines.

Everything these days is now very much Internet driven, socially with friends and a must in businesses. This can also be seen in the types of mobile phones people purchase these days with Internet features becoming more important than the actual phone itself!

With the focus on speed and reducing our carbon footprint finding a product or service online is more environmentally friendly than producing large directories, also searching online can be keyword specific. Searching online even allows you to find out more about the product or service people offer. Unless your website or business is on the first few pages in a certain search term someone else will be taking the business and customers from you.

By writing about your product or service on blog can drive customers through the door and help with any promotion or offer you want people to know about.

Another cheap way of getting a message out there is to target some pay per click advertising with Google. If you are only dealing with local business using keywords with the town added at the end might only cost you pence per month and you will be found on the right under sponsored links.

By writing an article on a blog you will get a more “natural” and “positive” result.

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