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Some businesses refused to take the internet seriously in the 90’s as they believed that consumers would never trust online sites over the long standing business relationships they had built up with customers over the years. Many companies left it far too late to reap the rewards of things such as an e-commerce website and even now are just realising the effects this is having on their business. In 2009 some stationery websites still only offer basic information and many still don’t invest in search engine optimisation (SEO). The result is their company website is...Continue reading »

A website has been launched which helps companies make money from their spare desks by renting them out to freelancers and small businesses. Desk Space Genie is the UK’s first website dedicated to the growing phenomenon of desk space rental. Desk space rental is different to traditional office rental because the space is generally available on short, flexible contracts and the ‘desker’ gets to move into an existing set-up, complete with broadband internet and work colleagues. They estimate that there are currently more than 200 desk schemes in operation serving...Continue reading »

Outsourcing storage or your warehousing is both a flexible and an economical way of reducing costs. By implementing measures like this will enables your business the ability to adjust its overheads in line with fluctuations in demand. The costs of running even a small warehouse are significant. With rent, rates, insurance, utilities, staff wages, forklifts, training, health & safety, maintenance, disrepair costs along with legal fees it can all mount up. // Widgets Sussex Transport Warehouse Service offers businesses somewhere to store goods on a permanent...Continue reading »

Small businesses are now given equal chance to win new business when competing with well established brands. The internet has transformed the buyer’s mindset both at home and in the workplace to understand that overheads affect bottom line costs. This has opened the doors for forward think entrepreneurs to come up with solutions that not only save money but provide a platform to implement long term sustainable relationships. Take price comparison – Many of the large well known brand now boast you will not find them on the “Price Comparison Website” why not? Perhaps...Continue reading »