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So you’re an office supplies company that sells stationery directly to businesses, but you may be wondering if you should incorporate an ecommerce set up to capture the online shoppers. Maybe you have seen a decrease in sales due to the influx of businesses now shopping online. Without an ecommerce site are you left wondering if you are going to be left behind? The problem is you can invest a lot of time and money building an ecommerce website, without getting it back. Even if you have a fabulous looking store, if it’s not ranked high in the search engines then...Continue reading »

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, you need to get involved in social media. Google + is quickly becoming one of the best social media platforms for businesses of any size. It is especially helpful for small businesses that do not have the marketing budgets of larger businesses. Google + Hangouts Businesses have begun using the Google + Hangouts for question and answer sessions, interviews, webinars and contests. You can invite your customers to ask questions or simply record yourself demonstrating a new product or particular technique. Perhaps...Continue reading »

A survey by environmental group Envirowise found that one third of office workers took no action to reduce their resource use at work. Their workplaces either fail to introduce green policies successfully or do not encourage them at all. Monitoring the environmental impacts Global climate change, deforestation and pollution are very real issues and it is up to businesses, whatever their size, to take responsibility for their environmental impacts. However, what many companies do not realise is that by taking steps to help the planet, they can also create business benefits...Continue reading »

A well designed office space is key to creating a unified corporate identify and encouraging a productive workforce. As the focal point of any organisation, the office should effectively reflect the culture of your firm and help to attract, engage and retain staff. Deciding on an office design When deciding on an office design it is important to begin by appraising your company’s current and future business objectives.  There is little advantage in relocating to a state-of-the-art, contemporary dream if you realise, six months down the line, that you have already...Continue reading »

There comes a time in the life cycle of your business when your current office space is simply unable to meet your plans for growth and the time comes to consider moving to larger, more suitable place of work. Moving office is a substantial task that requires thorough planning in order to be carried out smoothly. Ensure that you start planning early – it’s a good idea to start planning at least a year before you actually plan to relocate. With so many stakeholders involved including staff and clients it’s vital to ensure you choose the right property, with the...Continue reading »

More and more companies these days are looking for ways in which they can reduce the amount of paper used. This will not only help the environment but many alternatives to the paper option will also save companies money. Environmental benefits Using e-payslips instead of the traditional paper payslip and envelope is a great step to improving a company’s carbon footprint. An SME alone running a monthly payroll will produce around 3000 payslips a year. This is the equivalent to half a tree which although doesn’t sound like much; this is just for one small/medium sized...Continue reading »

I take a huge interest in my Twitter followers so when I spotted this selfless tweet from @RedIncBrighton suggesting that I include the Green Mop company in my line up of great companies on the blog I started doing my research. Adam Huttly MD at Red-Inc said he’s interested in “all things green” and is totally committed to business ethics, and was his main reason for following Green Mop on Twitter. So if you’re a business owner or are looking for a clean office and a clean conscience then read a little more about the Green Mop further down the page. I read...Continue reading »

As a fan of social media I love it when people stand out from the crowd. That might be because they make me laugh, someones clever, or I just like a product or service. As a blogger I know I can help spread a message online so I always TRY and help these people who also take time to communicate with me. I wanted to continue on from an article I wrote earlier about the Green Mop company. (Read HERE) Going back to the tweet from @RedIncBrighton suggesting that I include the Green Mop company in my line up of great companies on my blog. I asked him why he suggested them! Adam...Continue reading »