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There are so many suppliers to choose from it can be difficult to know which one to go with. So… Having flicked through a few of the thousands of websites selling promotional products, you’ve finally decided what product you like the look of. You may have noticed by now that many promotional products suppliers sell exactly the same stuff. Sure, they may change the names, and the pictures maybe ever so slightly different, but essentially they’re the same items. If you’ve never bought promotional products before and therefore never experienced the...Continue reading »

How Many Spare Desks In Your Office? Do you have spare desks in your office that nobody uses anymore? If so, could your company rent them out? These days it’s quite possible for employees to use a computer in their own home to keep in touch with their employer who may be in an office many miles away so businesses are renting out the spare desk spaces. Employers who encourage their staff to work from home are often able to reduce their overheads, and employees, especially those with families, typically enjoy more flexibility and a better work/life balance. Unnecessary,...Continue reading »

And they say size doesn’t matter, it does when it comes down to cost! Printers have come down in price and so has the amount of ink supplied in the cartridges. This is to make you think the printer is cheap to run. Many manufactures are supplying what looks like great deals on ink cartridges (5ml) they are only a few pounds, but as one reader said to me, they bought a printer which is an all in print/scanner/copier all for less than £25.00, but when it came to replacing the ink cartridge the “sting” became apparent. HP sell a really good printer for...Continue reading »

Stay Smart, Cool and One Step Ahead of Your Computer! From your teenagers coursework to the first pictures of them when they were a new born, your computer and phone likely hold a lot of data. Most of it would be devastating to lose. If you haven’t backed up your data yet, you need to seriously think about it now. Once your data is lost, it cannot always be recovered. Even the smartest computer or mobile phone engineer may not be able to recover your data and if they can it can run in to thousands of pounds. If this scares you, it should. We hope it scares you...Continue reading »

For most employees working in an office, the standard work day consists of following a nine-to-five routine – as well as sitting down for a good eight hours. But with back pain a growing concern among many businesses, more employers are actively seeking out ergonomic solutions in an attempt to promote a healthy working environment – through the use of back-friendly office chairs. Money is no longer an object when it comes to ensuring the wellbeing of the work community, with many businesses carrying out health and safety training workshops on a regular basis – covering...Continue reading »

Ask For a Positive Reviews From Happy Customers? Start With Google Places! With so many people searching for a product or service online it is important people that people read positive things about you isn’t it? It does help you make a decision between one organisation and another. Look at the trust with feedback left on eBay. Would you prefer to deal with a company that has twenty positive reviews or business with no information on how you treat people? With Google places now automatically adding your business to the search engines for people to leave reviews shouldn’t...Continue reading »

Do you have promotional gifts written into your budget? Maybe considering them as your next marketing move. Whatever the case may be, here are the answers to the most pressing questions businesses have about promotional merchandise. How many branded pens does one person really need? Businesses who use branded merchandise often struggle to find items that are cost-efficient as well as useful to the people receiving them. The branded gifts often end up being things like: Pens Magnets Logobugs Keyrings Mouse Mats Lanyards So are these cheaper gifts effective in promoting...Continue reading »

How Much Business Are You Losing? When it comes to negotiating with suppliers, business owners often believe that the more they try to convince their supplier to come down on price, the more successful they will be. However, the best negotiators will tell you that this isn’t true. The two things to remember when negotiating are: Don’t talk too much Know what to ask Let your supplier do the talking Let your supplier do the talking. The quieter you are, the more nervous they become. When they give you a long spiel about the ‘best deal’ they can offer...Continue reading »