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Everyone Wants To Grow Their Business And Earn More Money – Don’t They? You basically have two options when you are running a business. You can continue what you are doing and let your business grow slowly. Or you can choose to take your business to the next level by investing more time and money. Let’s take a closer look at the levels of risk involved in a business so you can decide if you are ready to move up a level. Low Risk If you are already turning a profit by selling your products or services, congratulations are in order. You have learned how...Continue reading »

Do You Love Social Media? Us too…. Ah, Twitter. That land of attempting to sum up everything you want to say in 140 characters or less. It can be a challenge, but it can also be addicting. Here are my top ten favourite Twitter followers who we love interacting with. These are not in specific order, as they are all truly my favourite. Go check them out and see what you think. Red-Inc – Office Supplies – Printed Merchandise Follow @RedIncBrighton From stationery and branded merchandise to print, Red-Inc has it all. Visit their site for...Continue reading »

Even when you are profitable, there are probably leaks in your business income that you can fix. The two most common areas where small businesses show profit leaks are customer service and marketing. Here are some examples. Breaking Promises As a business owner, you must always follow through when you promise your customers something. Example: If you promise a no questions asked return policy, don’t interrogate the customer when they return something. If you promise a product will perform a certain way, back it up with a case study or customer review. Poor Follow...Continue reading »

Google+ can no longer be ignored if you wish to establish yourself as an authority, especially in the office supplies industry. There are already over 67 million users on Google+ and the numbers are only going to increase. Google is doing its best to make Google+ a necessity. Here is what you need to know to make your Google+ page stand out from the crowd. Use Your Other Social Networks If you are new to Google+, the easiest way to gain a following is to advertise your news on social platforms you already engage in. Also, if you do write a blog, publish a blog about your...Continue reading »

You have to attract new customers to keep your business sustainable. But you need loyal customers as well, ones who continue to buy from you and recommend you to others. Here are four ways you can both keep old customers and snag new ones. Newsletter Subscription The days of mass emails to random addresses are gone. Instead, you are now able to focus your email marketing efforts on people who actually care about your products. On your site, you need to have the option for your customers to: Sign up for an e-newsletter An add in so they can be sent notifications regarding...Continue reading »

What Is The Right Ink Cartridges For You? On one hand, the manufacturer of your printer claims you must use an original toner or ink cartridge or your printer will fall apart or explode. Then there are the discount ink sites that claim their ridiculously low prices will save you time and money as well as erase wrinkles. So who should you believe? What are the true differences between original, compatible, re-manufactured and refilled cartridges? Original These are the original cartridges, obviously. They are designed to give you marvellous print quality but not at the...Continue reading »

You know they exist but think it won’t happen to you. Don’t become one of the millions of people who also thought similarly. Protect yourself in the virtual world from the big three: Adware, viruses and trojans. Trojans Over 100,000 new Trojans are created each day. A Trojan is an ad or piece of software that looks innocent but isn’t. The most common type is a warning that pops up that your computer was scanned and found to have a virus. In order to get rid of the virus, the warning tells you to download this program. If you download the supposedly...Continue reading »

It’s a given that unique, interesting and compelling content will drive readers to your site or blog. But how do you continue to come up with this content? With the increased focus on written content, it may feel like everything has already been written. Here are some ways to utilise the resources you already have to create content that will keep your visitors coming back for more. Talking to your friends and family No matter what your friends do for a job, they are a wealth of untapped information that is easily accessible. Ask them what he or she did that day....Continue reading »