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All businesses need to work from somewhere and in most cases that will mean making some fundamental decisions about what kind of business you want to be. There is no better time to do this than right at the outset, but making the right decisions might not be easy when there is so much else to consider in getting your business up and running. Flexible business lifestyles Technology has made it possible for many more people to work remotely, either at home, in coffee shops or on site with customers, but unless your vision for your business is to keep it very small, some...Continue reading »

With tablets, touch screens and wireless mice now becoming home and office essentials in 2013, what makes the pen and paper such a classic staple of ‘office artillery’? You arrive at your desk, you check your emails, you open up a browser and then you Tweet. You can even do it all from your smartphone when you’re on the go. Digital-age living and working is simply about being connected to as many people as possible and doing everything as fast and as easily as you can. Our phones connect to our emails, our emails connect to our apps and our apps connect to our...Continue reading »

If you have run a business successfully for many years, you will probably have to relocate your office when you out grow it. This can be a very stressful time for both the business owner and the employees if not handled properly. Luckily, there are some very great moving companies in the UK that can help your relocation go smoothly. Here are our top seven picks for business moving solutions. (In no particular order) Pickfords Pickfords was established in the 17th century and continues to provide a wide range of moving services for businesses. Pickfords has the experience...Continue reading »

In the old days, anytime you needed to send something by post, you had to make a physical trip to the Post Office. Today, however, you can save yourself money on fuel and postage by using a discount courier system. Basically, a middleman exists between the Royal Mail and the big courier firms. They buy postage slots in bulk from companies such as UPS and FedEx and sell these slots to the public. Here are three  examples of this middleman. 1: Shiply 2: Parcel2Go 3: Interparcel Large companies have been able to use these bulk discounted slots for years, but a normal...Continue reading »

Without an ecommerce site in today’s world, you are losing valuable customers every day. Many consumers want the option to quickly click and buy what they need. Choosing the correct software to help you with all aspects of an ecommerce site can be overwhelming. Here are the top four ecommerce companies in the UK. We believe that choosing software from any of these companies will be beneficial to your office supplies company. (In no particular order) ECi Software Solutions Ecommerce is easy with products from a company like ECi. The ECi business systems offer complete...Continue reading »

Every business, from small to global, needs printers and photocopiers. We have compiled a list of the top nine brands in the UK (In no particular order) for you to consider when making your printer and photocopier purchase.   Ricoh UK Limited Ricoh UK Ltd was established in London in 1980 as a market for copiers, printers, scanners, facsimile and office equipment. It continues to provide these services through a network of dealers and distributors. Ricoh has won many awards for its environmental approach in the business. Its first award came in 1987 when the Telford,...Continue reading »

Records management and data storage is important for any business. Instead of letting boxes of old documents clutter up your office, hire a document storage company to take care of it for you. Having a document storage company handle your records saves you time and money. Instead of having to take time out of your day or delegate an employee to do it, these companies can take care of all your data needs. We have identified the top ten data storage companies in the UK. In no particular order we have provided a brief synopsis of each below. Secure Data Management Secure...Continue reading »

Manufacturers and supply companies are faced with enormous challenges when trying to institute and maintain green practices in their businesses. A certain amount of waste and harm to the environment is going to happen, no matter what the intentions are. However, some companies are more environmentally conscious than others and their ISO 14001 accreditation will reduce waste, costs and risk. Here are seven green office supplies companies that have proven they are committed to protecting our environment. Lyreco Lyreco is an office supplies company that has gone global...Continue reading »